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Here are some helpful directions to help those of you trying to log onto the Google Classroom pages.  All students must use their DOE email address, google classroom will not accept gmail addresses.  


Once you have logged onto Google Classroom, be sure to accept the invite and use the correct codes for your grade level.  Hope this helps. Stay well.


Go to Student Account Self Service(Open external link)

  1. Enter your 9-digit Student ID (OSIS) number. (You can find your Student ID number on a report card, your student ID card, or in your NYCSA account.)

  2. Enter your birthday.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. If the information you enter matches your student record, your username will be displayed. 

  5. Your student ID is your username followed by For example, if your username is JaneD, your student account ID is

  6. If you haven't already set up a password, you will be asked to set one up.

  7. Pick a password that only you will know.

  8. Re-enter your password.

  9. Click Update Password.

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